Fixed Point Theory

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One of the most dynamic areas of research of the last 60 years, with a lot of applications in various fields of pure and applied mathematics, as well as, in physical, economic or life sciences, is without doubt the fixed point theory. Not only solutions of several classes of equations or inclusions, but also equilibrium states of an economy, optimization processus solution, fractals, closed orbits in a system of mutually gravitating bodies, etc. are fixed points of an appropriate operator.

The purpose of the monograph is to present the most important results in the field of fixed point theory. Each chapter starts with precursors, guidelines and general references of the topic. The book is based, to a certain extent, on the authors’ former book Fixed Point Theory 1950-2000: Romanian Contributions, House of the Book of Science, Cluj-Napoca, 2002. The References of the book are organized in two sections. First part consists of an exhaustive bibliography of the fixed point theory of Romanian authors, while the second part is a general references list containing: basic references of the fixed point theory as well as papers of Romanian authors who have applied the fixed point theory. The list of symbols, the index of terms and the index of authors conclude the book.

Finally, it must be pointed out that, by this book, the authors’ intention was not only to provide a tool for further research, but also, to give, in each chapter, a guideline of the field, to have, at a glance, the entire history of the topic.


ISBN 973-610-448-6

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