Statesmen from Former Times. Political Leadership and Networks of Power in Modern Romania (1859–1918)

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The notable personalities examined in this volume were exponents of the political and social elites, fulfilling various roles in the state. Some of them had noble origin, wealth, yet others had to climb the social and financial ladder with the intention of gaining a place in the political circles, perceived nonetheless as a small group without doubt. However, the source of their power resides within the positions occupied in the state in the course of that period, and of course due to their strong personalities, along with their devotion towards the service of the state. The old and new elites interacted thanks to the existence of various leisure, social and political arenas, such as modern associations, political groups and parties later on, or even social and sports clubs and, on account of these organisations and societies, members of the ruling elite managed to forge various networks.

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ISBN: 978-606-37-0858-9

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