Philosophical Counseling and Communication

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„In the present volume I wished to showcase the importance of philosophical counseling in our world built on communication. The perspective I am proposing is the one of communication and philosophical counseling. Philosophical counseling opens multiple possibilities to connect philosophy with other fields dedicated to deciphering nature and human becoming”.

Sandu Frunză

„In a world where interactions and changes have such a strong influence, and in some cases, disruptive, philosophical counselling has for sure a very important role, helping the human being to redefine his priorities and to achieve his or her purpose for life. Unfortunately, when one hears today about counselling he thinks almost automatically to the psychological area. If it is close to religion and spirituality, he may also take into consideration the religious sphere. But for sure, there will be only a few people who will think about philosophy as a space where this kind of activity is possible. This is the reason why, the proposal of the latest book of Sandu Frunză, Philosophical Counseling and Communication, is a new and challenging one”.

Iuliu-Marius Morariu

„The volume Philosophical Counseling and Communication proposed by the philosopher Sandu Frunză proposes a topic of interest for philosophical practice, namely the relationship between philosophy and theology, and the transformation of life through philosophical meditation … Sandu Frunză wonders in his volume if from the point of view of the content of this philosophical discipline, the name of philosophical counseling is appropriate or should be thought of as a philosophical therapy. If we are talking about a therapy, then who is the patient to whom it is addressed? The therapist philosopher’s patient is the one affected by the awakening to the Consciousness, and with it by the emergence of the consciousness of the existential void that must be filled not with representations of prosperity but with authenticity”.

Antonio Sandu

ISBN: 978-606-37-0627-1

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