Books from Lost Libraries: The Medieval Dioceses of Cenad, Oradea, and Transylvania

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This volume discusses extant books, book fragments, and information about lost books connected to the Catholic bishoprics of Cenad, Oradea, and Transylvania before the Reformation. It presents the work of the few identifiable scribes, illuminators and bookbinders active in these dioceses, and the circulation of manuscripts and incunabula to and from these provinces.

The period under scrutiny starts in the eleventh century, when the three dioceses were established. Books are mentioned in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, a few manuscripts of disputed origin survive from the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, but only the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries can be relatively well documented through inventories and surviving books. The fate of books is also followed during and after the Reformation, when most medieval collections were scattered or utterly destroyed.

The present research complements a recent census of medieval manuscripts in Romanian libraries by adducing as evidence manuscripts of local origin, provenance or relevance kept in foreign libraries.

Introduction … 7
The Diocese of Cenad … 15
The Diocese of Oradea … 29
The Diocese of Transylvania … 75
Alba Iulia … 77
Cluj and Cluj-Mănăștur … 99
Bistrița and Jelna … 139
Sebeș … 153
Sighișoara … 165
Târgu Mureș, Șumuleu Ciuc, and the Szekler Region … 177
Satu Mare and Baia Mare … 197
Brașov and Râșnov … 203
Closing remarks … 225
Bibliography … 231
Indices … 263


ISBN: 978-606-37-1571-6

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