Online and Offline Discourses. New Worlds, New Sociolinguistic Perspectives

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Online and Offline Discourses. New Worlds, New Sociolinguistic Perspectives presents some new work on digital communication, online identities, multilingualism and interculturality from an interdisciplinary perspective – sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, identity studies, digital humanities and Internet linguistics.

The authors are faculty members or doctoral students at the Babeș-Bolyai University and members of the The Center of Pragmatics for Communication. They originally presented the published essays at the First International Conference on Sociolinguistics (Budapest, 2016), as well as at a scientific event titled Digital and Multimodal Self- and Other-Representations organised by the Center (2017).

The four papers are connected through their approach and inform one another. They tackle such topics as Social Media Activism and Offline Transportability. A Sociolinguistic Case Study, from Diana Cotrău and Alexandra Cotoc; A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Digital Social Network User Identities: The Instagram ‘fitfam’ Community, from Bettina Ene; Language Use and Communication in Online Communities Centered on Video Games, from Borbála Nemes; and Languaging Practices Linking Young Speakers through Discontinuities and Otherness, from Oana Papuc. These are of great relevance for the description and understanding of a fragment of language and of discourses practiced today on Facebook, Instagram, in videogames, as well as in multilingual environments, which fascinate linguists and nonlinguists alike. They are language practices that challenge the traditional relation between language and culture, the traditional styles and identities, and contradict the rigors of normative philological thinking by proposing a dramatic expansion of linguistic variation and, thus, of linguistic creativity.

Online and offline language in the contemporary era has undergone radical changes in an effort to align itself to the new communication requirements. It has transgressd norms, created fluid identities and incorporated change and creativity as elements that maintain the cohesion of the ensemble.

The collection of essays will be of interest to anyone wanting to understand the specifics of online and offline communication in the digital era, the new discourses, language practices, multilingualism, languaging and identities.

ISBN: 978-606-37-0549-6

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